September 18, 2023
Andreea Sunkari

From New York to Chicago: Diverse Landscapes for UK Recruiters

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Welcome back to our series on exploring the US market for UK recruiters! We've previously heard from Sam Jones about the vast potential in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Phoenix.  

As we continue our exploration, we turn our spotlight towards Chicago. Often dubbed "The Windy City", Chicago stands as a testament to the American spirit of innovation and resilience. Its rich history, combined with a burgeoning tech scene, positions it as a city of both heritage and forward momentum.

This time, we spoke to Nick Guy, VP of North America at Finlay James, who offers an insider's perspective on Chicago and New York.

Chicago: A Fresh Perspective

Often overshadowed by more popular hubs, Chicago presents unique opportunities for recruiters. Nick highlights, "The talent pool in Chicago is much more loyal, and the cost of living is much lower than in New York or the Bay Area."

Market Nuances: The Finlay James Experience

Different from the broader US landscape, Finlay James operates in the GTM space of the SaaS start-up world. This niche offers its own set of challenges and opportunities, emphasising innovation and adaptability. Nick shares that the recruitment game there is less about sheer numbers and more about matching the right talent with rapidly evolving tech needs.

Recruitment Salary and life in Chicago

While the appeal of competitive salaries, especially for senior roles, is undeniable with “Higher revenue potential, larger fees, much more openness to retained work, less market saturation”, Chicago offers more than just financial benefits. He points out the city's vibrant "bar and sports scene."  

Beyond that, Nick also mentions the appeal of natural attractions, suggesting that recruiters can enjoy both the city's lively atmosphere and its more tranquil offerings.

Transitioning to an international location is a major decision. Nick's advice is practical: "visit multiple times before committing to the move”. He also emphasises the importance of understanding visa options, mentioning the L1, E2, and the potential H1B.

As technology continues to shape the growth of industries, cities like Chicago emerge as prime destinations. UK recruiters looking to diversify their experience and explore new opportunities should take note.

Our series of interviews with Nick Guy, Sam Jones, Tristan Baron-Gracie and Stephen Carr provide deeper insights into the US recruitment landscape.

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