July 26, 2023
Dualta Doherty

UK Recruiters Excelling in Hollywood: Interviewing Tristan Baron-Gracie

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As the recruitment landscape is constantly changing, professionals in the field are increasingly looking outside their home country for opportunities to grow and excel.

For many UK recruiters, this search is taking them across the pond. The US, with its diverse industries and thriving economy, offers an attractive landscape for career advancement and financial prosperity that is difficult to ignore.

The Doherty Group team talked with Tristan Baron-Gracie, Division Manager at Professional Search Group (PSG), who offers a fresh perspective on the hiring landscape in Southern California. Discussing market prospects, salary structure, career opportunities and lifestyle, his insights shed light on the opportunities and potential challenges for UK recruiters considering a move to the largest global recruitment market.

Broadening Horizons with PSG

Tristan advises UK recruiters to expand their professional opportunities by looking at Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. PSG has established branches in these areas to provide comprehensive coverage in Southern California.  

The Californian approach to money, described by Baron-Gracie as exceptionally expressive, creates a special business environment with challenges and opportunities.

“Obviously entertainment and motion picture industry is huge in Los Angeles for my personal branch - the outlook towards money in California is more expressive than I have experienced anywhere in the world, which is a good and bad thing, good for making it and bad for spending it.”

Comparison Between the UK & California Market

When compared to the UK, Southern California's recruitment market offers a significantly more advanced candidate pool and a larger number of clients per capita.

The entertainment and media sector, in particular, promises numerous opportunities for recruiters to build meaningful relationships and make a mark.

Salary Expectations for Recruiters in California

According to Tristan, the earning potential for recruiters in California is unlimited. Even in a tough economy, recruiters can expect an OTE between $200k-$300k.

As the economy recovers, this figure is expected to rise even further, adding to the financial incentive to move to the Golden State.

Embracing the California Lifestyle and Its Vibrant Social Scene

Southern California is renowned for its luxury living standards and great weather, complemented by a broad spectrum of networking and personal growth avenues. Yes, the cost of living is high, but the exceptional quality of life more than balances the scales.

California offers a variety of outdoor activities, from skiing to surfing, amid some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the US. The state's focus on fitness and health pairs well with a food culture that offers some of the best-rated restaurants in the world, further enriching the Californian lifestyle.

Although, according to Tristan, adjusting to the social environment, especially in the fast-paced and competitive atmosphere of Los Angeles, can present initial hurdles, UK Recruiters with their resilience and robust personalities are likely to be well equipped to build a fulfilling social life there.

“San Diego is the true California however I would say that LA lacks strong characters so anyone coming from the UK will do pretty well!”

Key Considerations for UK Recruiters Looking Into Relocating  

Moving to Southern California requires an agile mindset, which Baron-Gracie calls a "360-hustle mentality". The region's dynamic, technology-driven environment invites those willing to embrace change and step out of their comfort zone.

“Visit once and you will never want to leave but try not to sell your soul or be consumed by a life that you were not born into!”

It's about finding a balance - using the opportunities in California while staying true to your values and hard work. This balance can help you have a successful and long-lasting career in the thriving world of recruitment.
The US offer a wealth of career opportunities for UK recruiters willing to explore. At Doherty Group, we're here to help you understand what's out there. We can guide you through the potential challenges and benefits of making the move.

If you're interested in learning more about working as a recruiter in the US, check out our interview with Stephen Carr, a UK recruiter who made a successful career in Los Angeles. Visit our blog here for more insights and personal experiences.

Or write to us at georgiana@dohertygroup.io

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