October 26, 2023

What you wish you knew about hiring a VA

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As your recruitment business grows, it doesn’t take long to find yourself with your hands full and having less time to focus on what you’re good at: recruiting. That's where virtual assistants come in as a cost-effective solution.  

There are different types of VAs that can help your recruitment agency thrive, and to help you find the one that best fits your business and train them to maximise your results, we have listed the top 4 tips that have been helping us work successfully with a fully remote team for 8 years.

Where to Find Virtual Assistants

Once you have identified the profile you’re looking for based on their skills & location, it’s time to write your job description and start advertising.

You already know all the different places you can put a job ad on, but which are the best ones to find remote workers?

  • There are a number of freelance marketplaces out there, and our favourites are: Upwork, Fiverr & OnlineJobs for Philippine talent.  
  • LinkedIn – with the increase in remote jobs, it is becoming more and more common to find profiles specialising on virtual assistants services.
  • Facebook groups - check if there are any groups related to your business niche or industry that would be interested in your position.

Have a Master Folder with Training Materials

You interviewed, tested and found the ideal Recruiter VA profile for your business – so how do you get yourself ready to make sure that you can successfully bring someone in?

When your virtual assistant starts working for you on the first day, you should have all the materials ready so that they feel well prepared and welcome in your company.  

  • Checklists  
  • Training Schedule
  • Video tutorials: Vidyard and Loom are the go-to platforms to record them
  • Establish channels of communications: we highly recommend Trello, Slack, Teams and WhatsApp
  • Create a list of processes and how things work in your company

Empower your Recruiter VA with access to tech

It is important that before you hire your VA you think about what technologies they will need and give them as much access as possible as early as possible, including a user license for your ATS.

Depending on the technology and products that you might get them to utilise, you don’t necessarily need to give them full user access as they can use it on your behalf. Be mindful that you’ll need a VPN in this case.

Just as with your ATS, you’ll need to give your VA access to job boards and social media sites, as well as your branding assets.

If you haven’t worked with a virtual assistant before, you might find it difficult to share sensitive information, but if your search and interview process were done properly you will have gained enough confidence to build a relationship based on trust.

Celebrate your successes

If you’ve made it to this stage, then congratulations — you’ve got yourself a fully-fledged Recruiter VA who’s capable of being given more responsibility. They’ve been in the business for a while, they understand the vision, the mission, the values, and where you want to go, so this is the time to encourage them to come up with new ideas and be more proactive.  

At this point, it’s still important to be training them and offer supervision, but you need to make sure you’re not micromanaging them and stepping back as soon as you can.  

This should be your opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and reflect on your newfound ability to relax safe in the knowledge that the work is being completed. You’ll also now have the free time to improve other areas of the business.

Do you feel like now is the time to bring remote support to your team? You can learn all about how to identify which type of VA you need in your recruitment business, where to find them, how to train them, and how to manage them by joining our monthly advisory program!

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