October 26, 2023

Recruitment Tech Stack: The Ultimate How To

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The current boom in recruitment technology and automation offers possibilities for solving some classic recruitment problems - from sourcing and interviewing to placing candidates, there are different tools to use in each stage of the funnel.  

However, the market is flooded with RecTech that you can easily get overwhelmed and end up with nothing or loads of them which you don't even know what to use for - that's where the need to have a bespoke recruitment tech stack comes in. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to it - because every recruitment company has its own goals, challenges and offerings.

What Is a Recruitment Tech Stack

A recruitment tech stack is the collection of tools, platforms, apps, and pieces of software that you can use to automate your internal and external processes, carry out business operations and track the performance of your operations and recruitment team.

If you're using an ATS, CRM, website, dashboards, spreadsheets, marketing apps, or any other recruitment automation tool, they're all part of your tech stack and with the rise of SaaS technology, it is tempting to keep adding more and more to it.  

Signs You Need to Audit Your Recruitment Tech Stack

Automating and streamlining your processes shouldn't be a headache, but help save you time, money and scale your business. It's all a matter of choosing the right tech! Bear in mind that bringing in different tools into your recruitment agency all the time does not necessarily ease and improve your team's efficiency.

Your team is growing and so are the processes, training, data and placements! This is when we have seen the most common signs of the need for a tech stack audit:

1) Employees don't use the CRM/ATS and find workarounds like spreadsheets

2) Tools that don't integrate

3) High cost of customisation

4) Lack of understanding of the recruitment processes

5) You hold data in multiple places and are concerned about missed opportunities

6) The tech is not outcome focused and KPI tracking is hard or impossible to do

Benefits of Having a Tech Stack Audit

An effective audit focuses on the business process associated with each software/app/platform rather than the product itself. This also helps you avoid software overlap. Sometimes, without realising it, a company uses two different tools that have the same functionality.

When you hire a professional to conduct your tech stack audit, you get an unbiased report. The ideal outcome after the audit is suggesting improvements on:

    What to remove
  • What to replace
  • What you can integrate
  • Help you find the right tools depending on your budget
  • Advise on how to pilot the new acquisition if the case
  • Help you track and measure the tools' impact on business in the future  

Finally, investing in a tech stack audit will increase your employees' productivity, transparency, accountability and last but not least: your ROI.  

Just as you identify and track your recruitment company's budget, as well as your team performance, an audit package should be part of your regular annual review. As your business adapts and grows, your tech stack will also change, as you seek to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. With the right tools and processes in place, your team can work more efficiently than ever before.

If you are ready to take your business processes and tech stack to the next level and achieve a scalable management system for your back-office function, let's have a chat!

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