October 25, 2023

Building a Team of Top Biller Recruiters

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To fast-track the growth of your recruitment agency, there are two significant challenges that you must overcome. The first one is attracting and recruiting the right people, while the second challenge is developing these individuals into top-performing billers.

Dealing with people management can be a daunting task, as every individual has their unique motivations and work methods. Here are four actionable strategies that you can implement to help your recruiters become top billers.

Motivation & Team Work

While money is an essential motivator, it is not the only one. As an agency founder, you must create a company culture that fosters teamwork, healthy competition, and recognition of achievements.

Teamwork is a powerful tool for motivating your recruiters. Working collaboratively helps your team learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, build camaraderie, and support each other's progress. This kind of environment fosters a sense of belonging, and when your recruiters feel like they are part of a team, they're more likely to put their best foot forward.

Celebrating achievements, big and small, is another fantastic way to keep your team motivated. Take time to acknowledge your recruiters' hard work and celebrate their successes, no matter how insignificant they may seem.  

Make it a point to recognise their personal accomplishments too – Did they buy a new car or a house? Did they complete a course or celebrate their son's birthday? Celebrate it all! This can go a long way in boosting your team's confidence and keeping them engaged.

Ongoing training

From a rookie recruiter to a million-dollar biller: everyone needs support to keep up with their high performance. Investing in your recruiters' professional development not only helps to build their confidence but also showcases your commitment to their growth and success.

It sends a message that you value their contributions and are invested in their long-term career goals. Also, offering regular feedback and coaching can help your team members identify areas for improvement and continually refine their skills.

Provide your recruiters with the right technology stack

Investing in the right tech stack is critical to the success of your recruitment agency. Your team needs access to the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition and meet their targets.

Providing your recruiters with an ATS, sourcing tools and job posting platforms can make their jobs easier and more efficient. But this is just the beginning. The real game changer is the introduction of automation and artificial intelligence.

They will help your recruiters automate repetitive tasks and save them time to focus on what really matters: building relationships with candidates and clients. As they embrace these new technologies, they become more competitive, innovative, and valuable assets to your recruitment agency.

Encourage Your Recruiters to Build a Personal Brand

While it's important to have a strong company reputation, it's equally important for your team of recruiters to establish themselves as experts in their respective sectors. Encourage them to build their personal profiles on LinkedIn as they can attract a significantly larger following than your company’s page.  

By building a personal brand, they can establish themselves as thought leaders in their niche, attracting potential clients and candidates, which not only has a positive impact on their professional development, but also on your agency.

Note that for your team to build a personal brand you’ll need to provide them with the necessary resources and guidance to get started. If you don’t have a marketing function developed yet, this includes helping them identify their unique strengths, providing training on social media and content marketing, and supporting them in creating and publishing content that showcases their expertise. Get them started with the company value proposition as a main theme. Tools like ChatGPT and Canva can remove the stress (or excuses!) like writer’s block and the usual ‘’I’m not creative’’ that may come during this process.

Creating a team of top billers is no rocket science if you focus on the strategies above. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they will not guarantee overnight success but will help you build a solid foundation for long-term growth and success.

It's essential to stay committed to the process and remain patient, it is a journey that requires time and effort – but undoubtedly worth it!

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