January 30, 2024
Irina Loncar

What Is the Cost of Living Differences for UK Recruiters Moving from London to Sydney?

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The start of a new year often sparks considerations for career and lifestyle changes. The question is, where to start? When thinking about relocating, the cost of living is definitely a key factor to ponder.

At The Doherty Group, we're working with top-notch Australian clients seeking UK Recruiters. This prompts an important question: Is relocating to Sydney a wise career move?

Let's dive into this comparison of living costs in London and Sydney as of January 2024, and see what possibilities await you!

Heads up: This article uses data from Expatistan to compare these costs, presenting Sydney's prices in both AUD and GBP for an easy-to-understand perspective.

London vs Sydney: A Financial Perspective

Financially, London remains one of the most expensive cities in the world, with a family of four estimated to incur monthly costs of £6,504 and a single person £4,260.  Sydney, on the other hand, presents a different picture. For a family of four, the cost is estimated at AU$8,666 (£4,853) per month and AU$5,304 (£2,970) for a single person. These numbers, while high, are balanced by the salary scales in Sydney, which are consistently higher across various roles in recruitment, as indicated by data from our Salary Survey.

Food and Dining Out

A critical aspect of daily life, the cost of food and dining out, can significantly impact your budget.

In London, a basic lunch in the business district costs about £16, and a fast-food combo meal is priced around £8. These prices are indicative of London's expensive dining scene.

Sydney's food costs, when converted, paint a slightly different picture. A business district lunch costs AU$23 (about £12.88), and a fast-food meal is AU$15 (£8.40). While dining out in Sydney is not significantly cheaper, it is comparable to London, considering the conversion rates.

Housing: A Major Expense and Quality of Life Factor

In London, the housing market is notoriously expensive. Renting an 85 m2 accommodation in an upmarket area can cost an average of £3,582 per month. While the Capital offers historical charm, finding spacious and modern housing within the city at affordable prices can be challenging. In contrast, Sydney's housing market, while also expensive, offers more value for money, especially in terms of location and quality. For AU$4,047 per month (approximately £2,266), you can rent similar-sized accommodation, often in more desirable locations. Sydney's unique advantage lies in its variety of housing options, including properties near beautiful beaches and in sought-after neighbourhoods.

This availability of better houses in prime locations contributes significantly to a higher quality of life. Residents in Sydney can enjoy the benefits of modern living, access to natural beauty, and a relaxed lifestyle that's hard to find in a bustling metropolis like London.

Entertainment in Sydney vs London: Cost and Lifestyle Comparison

In terms of entertainment costs, both Sydney and London offer a range of options, though prices and experiences vary notably. In Sydney, a typical dinner for two in a neighbourhood pub costs AU$68 (approximately £38), while in London, it's priced at around £47. For movie enthusiasts, two tickets in Sydney are AU$46 (around £26), compared to £28 in London. A more upscale experience like the best theatre seats costs AU$283 (about £158) in Sydney, significantly less than the £367 in London.

Dining at an Italian restaurant in Sydney's expat area, complete with appetisers, main course, wine, and dessert, totals AU$111 (approximately £62), versus £76 in London. A cocktail in a downtown Sydney club is priced at AU$23 (around £13), similar to £13 in London. A cappuccino in the expat areas of Sydney costs AU$5.54 (about £3.10), slightly less than £3.67 in London. For a casual drink, a 500ml beer in a Sydney pub is AU$12 (approximately £6.70), compared to £7 in London.

While some entertainment options like dining out, movie-going, and enjoying a drink are comparable in both cities, Sydney's advantage lies in its climate. The warmer weather in the Australian city offers a plethora of outdoor activities that are often free of charge.  

Residents can enjoy surfing, running along the beach, or having a barbecue by the sea without spending a penny. These activities not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle but also offer significant savings on entertainment expenses.

In contrast, London's cooler climate limits these kinds of outdoor activities for much of the year. While the city offers its own unique cultural and historical experiences, the opportunities for free, outdoor, leisure activities are less frequent than in Sydney.

Looking ahead, Australia is a great place for UK recruiters to consider their next career move. In cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, there are many job opportunities and chances to grow in your recruitment career.

But it's not all about work – living Down Under can also make your everyday life better. The country has a strong economy and a mix of different cultures, plus you can enjoy being outdoors a lot. Whether you like busy city life or relaxing in nature, Australia has got it all.

At The Doherty Group, we understand the significance of making such a life-changing decision and are here to help you navigate this journey. Our team of experienced recruiters is keen to assist you in evaluating your options and finding the right fit in the international market.  

Booking a call with them is the first step towards exploring these exciting opportunities.

Andreea Sunkari - andreea@dohertygroup.io | +44 7457 404709

Irina Loncar - irina@dohertygroup.io | +44 7828 257817

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