April 18, 2023
Andreea Sunkari

7 Tips for Candidate Sourcing: How to Find Hidden Gems

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As an agency recruiter, your main responsibility is to source the best candidates for your clients. To do this effectively, you need to be creative and resourceful in your approach. While there are numerous job boards and social media platforms available, the best candidates may not be actively looking for a job. In this article, we will explore the art of candidate sourcing and how to find hidden gems.  

Tap into Your Network  

In the world of staffing and recruitment, having a strong network is essential for success. As an agency recruiter, you can leverage your extensive contacts within your industry to help you find the best candidates for your open positions. By reaching out to former colleagues, clients, and other professionals in your network, you can gather valuable referrals and recommendations for qualified candidates who may be a good fit for your clients. Consider offering a referral bonus to further motivate your contacts to refer top-notch candidates, increasing your chances of making successful placements. Harnessing the power of your network can be a highly effective way to find the talent you need to meet your clients' needs.

Partner with Universities and Professional Organisations  

Partnering with universities and professional organisations can be an effective way to source candidates who are early in their careers. These organisations often have job boards, career centers, and networking events that can connect you with qualified candidates. Consider hosting events or offering internships to build relationships with students and recent graduates.  

Conduct Passive Candidate Searches  

These searches involve identifying and reaching out to candidates who may not currently be looking for new job opportunities but could be open to the idea. You can tap into online directories, industry associations, and professional referrals to identify potential candidates with the necessary skills and experience. By directly approaching these individuals, you can expand your talent pool and increase your chances of making successful placements. By adopting a proactive approach to candidate sourcing, you can demonstrate your ability to think outside the box and find the right talent for your clients.

Leverage Alumni Networks  

Alumni networks can be a great source of candidates, especially for universities and colleges in your area. Reach out to alumni associations and offer to help with their career development programs. This approach can help you establish relationships with potential candidates early in their career.  

Provide Career Development Resources  

Providing career development resources to candidates can help you build trust and establish long-term relationships. Offer career coaching, resume reviews, and interview preparation services to candidates, even if they are not currently seeking a job. This approach can help you position yourself as a career advisor as well, which in turn will ensure they’ll go to you as soon as they’re looking to make a change in their career.  

Build a Talent Community  

Building a talent community can help you stay in touch with potential candidates and establish a pipeline of talent for future positions. Use email marketing and social media to stay in touch with candidates, share job openings, and provide career advice. This approach can help you build a strong network of potential candidates who are interested in your agency's services.  

Conduct Skill Assessments  

Conducting skill assessments can help you identify candidates with the specific skills and experience your clients are looking for. Use online assessments or in-person evaluations to measure candidates' skills and aptitude. This approach can help you differentiate your agency from others and attract clients who are looking for highly skilled candidates.  

In conclusion, these 7 creative and resourceful tips can help agency recruiters expand their candidate pool and not only find hidden gems, but also build new candidate pools.

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