November 15, 2022
Siobhan Kelly

The Mission

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Like many of you, over the last few months I have had A LOT of time to think.

I’ve reflected on what’s important to me both professionally and personally. These COVID conversations with myself were often tough but so necessary.

They led me to create many positive changes in my life, one of which was the big move to Doherty Group.

So many people have asked me why I didn’t join a more established agency. The answer is very simple.

DG was a blank canvas for me. It’s an opportunity to be the Consultant I’ve always wanted to be without any limitations.

A traditional recruitment consultant is a sales person. I didn’t know that when I started my career in Recruitment. I had to google ''KPI'' - mortifying, I know.

What I’ve seen more and more over the last few years is that our industry seems to focus only on the Recruitment part of the job title and has disregarded the importance of Consultant.

In Websters dictionary a Consultant is a person who gives professional or expert advice:

A Consultant is also known as specialist, veteran, expert, advisor, counsel, pro, authority, maven, master, mentor, guide.

That’s why I joined the Doherty Group.

I get to help people, clients and candidates, I get to embody the true meaning of Consultant.

One of the biggest joys for me is seeing people fulfill their potential. If I can be a cheerleader on their journey that is enough for me.

With Doherty Group, I get to partner with Business in the Community and give advice and training because it’s the right thing to do, not because it will look good on the website. I get to write about the importance of Black Lives and the dangers of Implicit bias because they’re important in these times, not because a marketing team tells me to.

Consulting isn’t only relevant on the candidate side of the business. At the break of COVID, a previous client of mine had to furlough his staff and couldn’t pay his invoice. He had managed to stay open during the Recession so this was so hard on him.

An associate Director I worked with actually said to me “Get them to pony up.”

Where is the empathy for the man who spent 30 years building a business to see it crumble before his very eyes?

At Doherty Group, I get to really partner with my clients, during good times and bad - it’s never a one size fits all approach.

And that is a perfect fit for me.

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