October 16, 2023
Irina Loncar

Salary Comparison for Recruiters in Australia and Ireland

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To assist Irish recruiters in evaluating their career trajectories, we've conducted an analytical comparison of recruiter salaries in Australia and Ireland. By leveraging data from hundreds of professionals, combined with our internal datasets, we aim to provide insights that will help determine whether pursuing a recruitment career 'down under' is a worthwhile endeavour. 

Recruitment Salary in Different Levels

Recruiters in Australia typically enjoy a financial advantage. For instance, an Associate Recruiter in Australia can expect to start with a salary between AU$75,000 to AUS$100,000. In contrast, their Irish counterparts might start at a range of €30,000 - €33,000. When converted, the Australian figure usually stands higher. This differential persists across various roles, such as Recruitment Directors who can earn over AU$150,000 in Australia, while in Ireland, the upper limit is around €95,500.

Recruitment Sectors Insights

Both Australia and Ireland have observed a pronounced demand within the IT & Tech recruitment sector, a reflection of the global emphasis on technological advancement and digital transformation. Specifically, in Australia, an IT & Tech Recruitment Consultant with a tenure of over three years can anticipate a salary in the vicinity of AU$105k. This competitive remuneration underscores Australia's commitment to fostering its technological ecosystem. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have emerged as pivotal tech hubs, drawing global talent and investments, thereby creating a buoyant market for IT recruiters.

Simultaneously, the prominence of the construction sector in Australia's recruitment landscape is noteworthy. This trend signifies a robust phase of real estate and infrastructure growth in the country. As urban development and infrastructure projects gain momentum, especially in major cities, there's a concurrent rise in demand for skilled professionals in construction and related domains. This dynamism in the construction sector opens up a plethora of opportunities for recruiters specialising in this field, highlighting the potential for growth and specialisation within the Australian recruitment market.

Recruitment Commission Structures: A Comparative Analysis

For recruiters, commission often constitutes a substantial portion of their overall earnings, and the structure of these commissions can significantly influence their take-home pay.

In Australia, the commission structure landscape is marked by a clear favourite: nearly half (48.9%) of all recruiters operate under a model where their commission increases in tandem with their billings, but only once a certain threshold is met. This design not only motivates recruiters to exceed their targets but also ensures a consistent revenue stream for the recruiting agency before higher commissions are paid out.

On the other hand, the commission landscape in Ireland is more varied. There isn't a single dominant model like in Australia. Instead, Irish recruiters might navigate through a range of structures, from flat percentages to discretionary bonuses, each with its own set of advantages and challenges.

Furthermore, the billing metrics provide another layer of context. Australian recruiters, on an average scale, bill between AU$350k and AU$550k, and they typically retain approximately a third of these billings as personal earnings. Such high billing rates, when viewed in conjunction with Australia's robust economy and the aforementioned commission structure, paint a picture of a market that's not only lucrative but also offers a clear path to high rewards for high performers.

This combination of a performance-driven commission model and the potential for high billings positions Australia as a particularly appealing market for recruiters aiming to maximise their earnings.

Trends and Observations  

Notably, a substantial portion of Australian recruiters is open to commission-only roles, provided the terms are favourable. This willingness reflects the confidence in the Australian market and the opportunities it presents. Regular salary reviews for senior roles in Australia further underscore the dynamic and responsive nature of its market.

While both Australia and Ireland offer valuable opportunities for recruitment professionals, the data suggests a financial advantage for those based in Australia. Higher salaries, a performance-driven commission structure, and a wider range of recruitment sectors make Australia an attractive proposition for recruiters aiming for both growth and enhanced earnings.

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