January 19, 2023
Andreea Sunkari

Burnout: Why Recruitment Consultants Seek More Than Just Money?

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Recruitment consultants are showing signs of burnout, but it’s not more money they’re looking for as compensation.

In our latest UK Recruitment Salary Survey, recruiters have highlighted flexibility as part of the work-life balance as a critical component in their decision to choose a recruitment company to work for.

Reality is that they can be subject to long hours, high-pressure environments, and dealing with a variety of personalities. The stress and exhaustion that come with the job can lead to burnout if not managed properly. While money is always a nice perk, it’s not always the only thing recruitment consultants are looking for in terms of compensation.

Doherty Group asked hundreds of recruitment consultants about their current salaries, working conditions, benefits, perks & overall satisfaction. What is clear is that full time office work is no longer the norm.

Source: Doherty Group

With over 62% now working with some degree of flexibility (though just 10% full remote) the need for more flexibility has become more and more apparent. In fact, more than two thirds of those surveyed want more flexibility in their working conditions.

A flexible working environment can include anything from the ability to work from home, to flexible hours, to unlimited vacation time. It gives recruitment consultants the chance to manage their own time and workload better, and to have a better work-life balance.

For those who work in recruitment, flexible working is also seen as a way to combat burnout. A lack of balance can lead to stress and exhaustion, but with the flexible shifts and work from home or hybrid policies it’s easier to manage workloads and keep stress levels under control.

In addition to flexibility, recruitment consultants are also looking for other forms of compensation. This includes better recognition & rewards for their hard work. A large number of those surveyed said they wanted to be acknowledged & rewarded for their efforts, and that they would like to see more recognition & rewards schemes in place.

Other forms of compensation that recruiters are looking for include better access to training & development and more holidays. With a more flexible working environment, it means they can learn new skills and stay up to date with the latest trends in the recruitment industry.

They also want access to better mental health & wellbeing support. The good news? 21.4% of respondents are already getting it. This includes anything from regular counselling sessions, to access to mental health apps, to stress management courses. This is great news that the more switched on agencies are getting it, but we can all appreciate that this number could be higher.

Source: Doherty Group

You might be saying "None of this is new information".

Sure, we all know the stress that can sometimes arise when working in this industry. We've seen it covered before when the pandemic was raging.

What makes this different is as we face the economic headwinds of 2023 we're already armed with the tools to make remote work work - so why aren't the best companies making that happen?

Even if it might not seem that way, the truth is, they are!

More and more recruitment companies are now recognising the importance of flexibility and are investing in tools, technologies and processes to make sure their recruitment consultants have the resources they need to work efficiently and effectively. They’re recognising the value of their recruitment consultants and the need to provide them with the best working conditions they can.

Recruitment companies should take note and be sure to invest in the right resources and processes to ensure their recruitment consultants have the best chance of succeeding. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Want to hear more about amazing companies that are invested in enabling recruitment consultants to thrive? Drop us a line to have a confidential exploratory chat about your next career move.

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