October 7, 2022
Dualta Doherty

No Degree, No Problem: Top Places for Recruitment Consultants

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When it comes to international moving as an agency Recruitment Consultant it is always helpful to have a degree.

Don’t have a degree? No problem! There are still lots of locations available to you and below is a brief snapshot of where you can go.


Sydney or Melbourne are both extremely hot markets right now for agency Recruitment Consultants and if you don’t have a degree you will need five years of agency recruitment experience to be eligible for the 457 work sponsorship visa. You will be able to get a working holiday visa with less than five years of agency recruitment experience but it’s important to note that you can only work for a company for 12 months before they will need to sponsor you to stay so if you only have 2 years of experience, go on the working holiday visa and get an extra year you would still be unable to be sponsored to stay longer. This means that agency recruitment companies are very reluctant to hire anyone on a working holiday visa that still doesn’t meet the criteria of the 457 work sponsorship visa as they would not be able to retain you after your 12 month period.


Auckland is particularly busy for New Zealand and their immigration regulations don’t require a degree which makes it awesome for agency Recruitment Consultants with less than 5 years experience and no degree interested in that side of the world. You can also either get a working holiday visa which is valid for 2 years and you can work for the same company for that 2 year period or get company sponsored for longer so all in all nice and easy!


The US is super hot right now (New York and Los Angeles in particular) and to go without a degree recruitment agencies are ideally looking for 5 years of agency recruitment experience. That said we have placed Recruitment Consultants on less experience than that without a degree so it is worth checking with us if you have less but are interested in the US.


Tax free living? Who wouldn’t be interested! Dubai doesn’t require a degree so similar to Australia is an excellent option for non degree holders.


Asia is another very good option for agency Recruitment Consultants who don’t possess a degree as there are lots of locations that don’t require them. For Hong Kong you will still need to ideally have two to three years of agency recruitment experience and if you have prior experience in industry than that is also preferable.


For Singapore to be considered for a visa without a degree you will need to have enough agency recruitment experience to obtain a senior salary (circa. SND $80,000 +). There isn’t necessarily a certain amount of years of experience however for this sort of salary approx. 3 – 5 years of experience with solid billing results.


Tokyo is not only an amazing cultural experience for a Recruiter but it is also an extremely profitable market. With high fee’s (30 – 35% average) this is a great location to accelerate your career and make great money and huge plus is you don’t need a degree! We have recently placed candidates there in both junior and senior positions so that market is open to all agency recruitment experience levels right now.

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