December 7, 2022
Charlotte Doherty

How to get productive in less than 5 minutes?

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As a Recruitment Founder, one of the main pitfalls you can fall into is overloading your day with time-consuming tasks that can either be delegated or scheduled to be done later. However, analysing and prioritising what needs your attention and skills can get overwhelming pretty quick - which is why using the Eisenhower Matrix comes in very handy!

This tool helps you divide your tasks into four categories: the ones you'll do first, the tasks you'll schedule for later, those you'll delegate, and the ones you'll delete.

- Urgent and important seem to be similar words, but when analysed in terms of the Eisenhower principle, the difference between the two is crucial.

- If something is urgent, it must be done immediately, and there are clear consequences if you don't complete these tasks within a certain period of time. You can not avoid them, and the longer you put them off, the more stress you're likely to experience.

- Important tasks may not require immediate attention, but these tasks help you achieve your long-term goals.

Once you know how to distinguish between urgent and important tasks, you can begin separating your tasks into the four quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix.

- Quadrant 1: Do

Here you'll place those tasks that must be done now, have clear consequences, and affect your long-term goals.

- Quadrant 2: Schedule

These tasks affect your long-term goals but don't need to be done right away.

- Quadrant 3: Delegate

Place any tasks that are urgent but not important. They likely don't require your specific skill set to complete, you can delegate these tasks to other members of your team.

- Quadrant 4: Delete

These unimportant, non-urgent distractions are simply getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals. Place these remaining items on your to-do list in the fourth quadrant, which is the "delete" quadrant.

The main goal of this method isn't only to help you become more organised and increase your productivity, but also to keep track of all the activities in your agency and analyse which areas need more attention and how you can evolve your business and team.

If you're struggling to get your processes right and need help finding the right tech stack to free up your time and automate your tasks, we'd love to help you!

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