March 22, 2023
Irina Loncar

Australia vs UK: Why Recruiters Flock to Australia as a Top Destination

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The post-pandemic era has brought about significant changes in the way recruitment agencies operate, with many now offering flexible and hybrid work models. This allows recruitment professionals to work from various locations and still have the benefit of office interactions. The ability to work remotely opens up a world of possibilities for recruiters, allowing them to take on new challenges and explore different environments.

However, it's important to remember that the perks offered by your company only matter if you're happy with your current job and lifestyle. If you're not satisfied, it may be time to consider exploring new opportunities.

In this article we explore why working as a recruiter in Australia is a good choice - especially if you crave a different lifestyle. We’ll also look at the key benefits and advantages of choosing Down Under as your home for the next few years.


One of the key reasons why working as a recruiter in Australia is a better choice is the country's strong and growing economy. Australia has one of the strongest and most resilient economies in the world, with a range of industries and sectors that are experiencing growth and expansion. This provides recruiters with a number of opportunities to find and place top talent in a range of industries, from construction, healthcare, finance, technology and many more.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the five main job sectors that attracted the most job seekers in Australia in 2022 were: Mining, Manufacturing, Energy, Construction and Wholesale trade. These sectors have seen significant growth and expansion, providing a range of opportunities for job seekers and recruiters alike.


Another great perk of working as a recruiter in Australia is the country's attractive lifestyle and living conditions. The Down Under is known for its stunning beaches, national parks and outback regions, making it a great place to live for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

It also has a strong sport culture. You’ll always see someone surfing, skating or playing football, soccer, cricket, rugby or simply jogging by the beach. Plus, with the amazing weather, it's easy to see why Australia is such a popular place to practice an active lifestyle.

Not to mention that the country consistently ranks highly in global indices for quality of life, with strong healthcare, education, and infrastructure systems. This provides recruiters with the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and balanced life, while also experiencing the benefits of getting an experience of working in international markets as well as joining recruitment companies that offer better working conditions than the UK.


In addition to its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, Australia also offers a highly welcoming, multicultural society. Australians are known for their laid-back and friendly nature, making it easy for newcomers to feel welcome and at home.

The British expat community there is particularly large and active, with many people from the UK choosing to move Down Under for work, study, or retirement.  

This community provides support and social networks for new arrivals and helps to maintain a connection to British culture and traditions. Whether you're looking to connect with fellow expats or to experience the rich diversity of Australian culture, there's something for everyone.


In terms of earning potential, working as a recruitment professional in Australia can be very attractive. The country has a high demand for skilled and experienced Irish and British recruiters due to its smaller and less saturated market compared to the UK and Ireland. The base salary most of Doherty Group’s clients are offering is around AUD90k/year.

The cost of living in Australia can be the same or lower than in the UK, especially in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. However, if you compare housing, you will find far better options in Australia, such as a house with a pool or living a stone's throw from the beach.

This means that recruiters in Australia may be able to enjoy a higher standard of living than their peers in the UK at the same or lower cost. Overall, moving to Australia can offer a unique and rewarding experience for those looking for a more fulfilling life.

Are you thinking about starting a new adventure in a different country? If so, you'll be happy to know that we only partner with clients that offer truly amazing career opportunities in stunning locations like Australia.

Not only will you get to experience a new culture and way of life, but you'll also have the chance to enjoy a great work-life balance. If you're based in the UK or Ireland and you're interested in exploring your options, be sure to check out our job board for a taste of what's available. And if you see something that catches your eye, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We'll be happy to help you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your career and personal goals.

Download our Candidate Journey Guide here with all the information you need about visas, interview processes, and salaries for UK Recruiters to move to Australia.

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