March 29, 2023
Irina Loncar

The Benefits of Using a Rec2Rec Agency for Your Global Job Hunt

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While it's true that recruiters can search for job opportunities on their own, we know how the process can be time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. This is where a Rec2Rec agency can be invaluable.

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that not all Rec2Rec agencies are created equal and generalising them under the same brush can lead to misconceptions. Just like with any other recruitment market specialism, it's crucial to work with a Rec2Rec agency that aligns with your values and meets your expectations. This is especially true if you're exploring opportunities abroad, where the market and cultural differences can be significant.

One big advantage is having access to opportunities you won’t find anywhere else – for example, we have an extensive network of recruitment companies and provide recruiters like you with access to opportunities that may not be publicly advertised. Also, a Rec2Rec agency can provide guidance on the visa and immigration processes, taking the stress out of relocating for a new role.

In this article, we'll explore some of the key advantages of working with a Rec2Rec agency for your international job search.


When it comes to relocating to a new country, the recruitment market can differ significantly depending on your chosen destination. Each of them has its unique characteristics, such as hiring practices, comm structures, and cultural differences. This can make it challenging to navigate the job market on your own, particularly if you're unfamiliar with the local industry.

One of the most significant advantages of working with a Rec2Rec agency is that they can provide you with insights and knowledge into the different countries.

For example, in the US, recruiters are often paid on a commission-only basis. On the other hand, the Australian recruitment market is known for being more candidate-driven than the UK. So, understanding how each of the agencies and markets you’re interviewing for work can play a crucial role when deciding on accepting the offer or not.


When you partner with a Rec2Rec agency, you can leverage their established relationships with the recruitment companies that interest you. This can be a significant advantage, as they engage and interact with the hiring managers of these companies regularly. As a result, they have a deep understanding of the company culture and values, as well as the specific skills and experience that the hiring managers are looking for.

At Doherty Group, for example, we are committed to representing only the best businesses and companies that meet our high standards. This means that we only work with companies that we would be happy to work for ourselves. By maintaining this commitment, we can provide you with honest and realistic insights into the places we represent.


Navigating the visa and immigration process can be an overwhelming experience, but with the help of a Rec2Rec agency specialising in international moves, you can ensure a smoother transition to your new role and destination.

Rec2Rec recruiters work closely with clients to provide you with the necessary support and guidance throughout the entire visa process, ensuring that you don't miss out on anything crucial. From providing advice on the appropriate visa category to helping you gather the necessary documentation; they’ll get you covered.

Partnering with a Rec2Rec agency can make your international job search much more manageable and won’t let the challenges of relocating hold you back from achieving your career goals.

If you're considering relocating to Australia, Dubai or the US as an agency recruiter, we encourage you to download our candidate journey guides to find out more what the salaries, visas and relocation process look like in the US, Australia and Dubai.

Our team of experts can provide you with valuable insights and knowledge into the different markets, as well as established relationships with recruitment companies and clients, giving you a head start in your job search.

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